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Brian Bond has been named “Broker Of The Year” by the Arizona Business Broker Association and has also received several awards year after year for the highest number of businesses sold.


The sale or purchase of a private business is one of the most life-changing events in a person's lifetime," notes Brian Bond, Principal of Strategic Business Brokers Group in Phoenix, Arizona. "Sellers expect to be rewarded for their years of hard work and constant risk exposure, especially during the recent turmoil of Covid, inflation, and a weak national economy. At the same time, buyers seek well-positioned companies  at prices that justify their investment of capital and energy." 


Bond is familiar with turbulent markets. He began his career in mortgage brokerage in 2000 and expanded to business brokerage in 2009. While the services are different, participants in each market are similar. Transactions are often complex and emotional, so experienced, steady leadership is necessary to reach successful conclusions. Brian has more than twenty years of negotiation between passionate buyers and sellers working with high-value assets.


 "I know the stress of process, especially during the give and take of negotiations," Brian promises. "I have an ethical and legal duty to my client to represent them in the best possible manner, whether they are a buyer or a seller. In practice, my duties include analyzing, explaining, projecting, advising, and, occasionally, consoling if a difference between buyer and seller cannot be bridged.