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Sell My Consumer Products Business

How Do I Sell My Consumer Products Business?

Selling your consumer products business can be a competitive process. Strategic Business Brokers Group licensed brokers have over 30 years of combined experience to help you sell your business for a competitive price. Consumer product business brokers are here to answer all your questions and guide you through the selling process from beginning to end.


There are a variety of consumer products businesses. Distribution, retail, and manufacturing consumer products businesses make up the majority and Strategic Business Brokers Group brokers have sold multiple consumer products businesses. Strategic Business Brokers Group will help you understand the selling process and provide you with the expertise needed to navigate the selling waters.


The first step in selling your consumer products business is determining the sale price. There are many small steps you need to take to get the desired price at the time of selling. Consumer products businesses will often be valued by their discretionary earnings. These earnings are the pre-interest and pretax profits before non-cash expenses, non-related income expenses and any one-time investments. The discretionary earnings amount will allow you to see how attractive the opportunity is to a potential buyer and support the sales price. Accurate books and financial records will be a benefit in securing an accurate valuation.


Any equipment you decide to sell with your business needs to be in working order. Conveyor belts, boxing machines, trash compactors and any other mechanical devices need to be serviced and kept working to get the best price for your business. Buyers want to come in and continue operating day one, and purchasing reliable equipment along with the business helps this happen.


If you have any equipment that is on the verge of breaking down, you must disclose this to the buyer to prevent any issues after closing. This does not mean you need to purchase new equipment before the sale, just keep your equipment in the best shape possible.


Selling your business on your own can be a complex and challenging process. Strategic Business Brokers Group can help you sell your consumer products business. During the selling process you will need to continue running your business and meeting with potential customers. While working with new customers you will need to keep the fact that you are selling your business confidential. You will also need to determine the value of your business through proper valuation. A business broker at Strategic Business Brokers Group can help you determine your businesses’ value. Your broker will also market your business while working with the potential buyers. Ensuring the potential buyers are prequalified will help you save time and money making the sale of your business effective. Strategic Business Brokers Group will be the intermediary between you and the buyer of your business. Selling your business that you have put years of work into can be emotional so let Strategic Business Brokers Group take care of the details. Getting in touch with a professional business broker will help you in your journey to sell your business. Contact Strategic Business Brokers Group at 480-462-7294 or Click Here to find out if it’s the right time for you to sell.