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Whether you’re looking to buy an existing franchise, new franchise start-up or sell an Arizona franchise, we have the experience to help! Over the years we have facilitated numerous transactions where a franchise was involved. Whether you are looking for a franchise opportunity in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or elsewhere in the valley, we are experienced in helping you choose the right franchise model for you, the right location, and buy or sell the franchise at the right price.


While there are many benefits to franchising, a few that we believe are the main driving factors are, name recognition/branding, support and knowledge, operating systems and success rates.

Building a reputation can take years or even decades; however, thanks to franchising, it is possible to have not just instant name recognition, but also instant credibility. Building a brand name takes tremendous time, effort and money. One of the key reasons that franchising presents such a unique opportunity, is that it allows you to have all of the benefits of an established brand without the tremendous investment usually associated with brand building.

In addition to offering instant name recognition and credibility, franchising offers a second massive perk in the form of infrastructural support, advice and knowledge. When you buy into a franchise, you may also receive assistance in finding a location, expert advice, an owner’s manual and more. Simply stated, this type of support can prove to be invaluable in the launch of a successful business.

Efficient operating systems are key to the success of a business.   Any new start-up or even existing business still in its infant stages will both be faced with the uphill battle of establishing their systems and processes.  The process of elimination, human error, technology build outs, i.e., CRM’s, etc. can all be extremely costly.  This alone should not be overlooked when considering if buying a franchise is right for you.

When considering an existing business as a potential opportunity, one should research the overall success of that particular type of business, industry, trend and so on.  With franchises, the success rate of all the prior and existing franchisees is available. In addition to the history of the franchise, the opportunity to vet the existing franchisees to learn about their experience with the franchise is also an option.  Of course nothing in life is guaranteed, however, if the prospective franchise has a high success rate, one would assume this should increase your odds of also being successful.



Often times entrepreneurs or individuals looking to become entrepreneurs are concerned about the obvious, “Royalties.” Which is a valid concern. However, if you take into consideration, the name recognition/brand, support and knowledge, systems and processes, there is probably a very good chance if you went the independent route, you would spend much more in those three areas alone than you ever would in royalties.


In addition to that, finding the right existing business that fits your lifestyle, income requirements, location, verifiable books and records and investment budget can be a tedious process. Depending on your search criteria this process can take months if not years to finally close on the business that is right for you.


Strategic Business Brokers Group recognizes this as an ongoing issue. Therefore, we established relationships with a long list of franchises as an alternative solution for buyers who are not able to locate the right existing business.


We now have hundreds of franchises to choose from in all sectors! If you’re interested in learning more about the world of franchising and which franchises might be a good fit for you, please contact us today.