Business Broker Phoenixaz


It is, without a doubt, the most critical selection on your quest to sell or acquire your business: the person, people or group you elect to represent you as your transaction takes place. Choosing a professional and experienced firm to conduct your transaction should be a top priority on your “must have” list before sailing on your way to selling or buying your next business. A such, Strategic Business Brokers Group is a full service Arizona business brokerage firm specializing in Business sales, Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as Commercial Real Estate. We serve a vast array of clients, and we serve business with annual revenue of $50,000 to $50 million.


Our clients are business owners who want to sell their business or owners / investors who wish to merge or acquire an existing revenue generating business. Our team of professional Phoenix Business Brokers are here to assist both buyers and sellers in a seamless and structured transaction. We understand the importance of a successful deal, and even more how crucial it is the peace of mind and trust that our clients experience throughout the negotiation period. We are confident that our experience, knowledge and professionalism will guarantee a stable and steady process which, in turn, will benefit the bottom line of everyone involved.

Our Services

We strive for perfection and leave nothing up to chance. As part of our business practices, we offer the following services:

Business valuation

We aid and collaborate in determining the most profitable selling price (MPSP) in the current market place taking advantage of specialized tools and market insight to pursue the best possible results.

Business sales

Our team of associates will develop and deliver a proficient advertising memo. We will market your business without disclosing its identity to pre-screened buyers. As part of our objective, we will reach out and bring in a variety of qualify buyers from local and national locations. We facilitate all negotiations and complete buyer due diligence investigation. You can rest assure that we will leave no stone unturned into we finalize the business sale to everyone’s satisfaction.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We will outline the risks and benefits of the proposed mergeror acquisition by taking into consideration every possible aspect of such. A complete valuation of the proposed division or branch will be pursued and concluded, as well as handling every facet of the negotiation process in between.

Commercial Real Estate

We will assist with the purchase or sale of any commercial building or handle the lease negotiations for a new business owner with intensity and tenacity, and will hustle thru every uphill battle, obtaining end results you will be more than pleased with.