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 A background in sports – playing and managing soccer at an elite level – may seem an unusual experience for someone engaged in business brokerage unless you consider the skills necessary to succeed. Elite athletes spend years learning how to manage emotions and overcome obstacles, traits that are essential to business success.


Bryan earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Master of Arts in Kinesiology while playing and coaching the University of Maryland's soccer teams. He honed his entrepreneurial skills with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Delaware while assistant coaching Delaware's Fighting Blue Hens soccer team. After several years in private business, he returned to his home state of Arizona to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University.


"I know my background is unusual, but it gives me unique insight into an entrepreneur's mind and emotions," Bryan notes. "I understand their passion and pride of accomplishment and the sacrifices necessary along the way. Ensuring my clients receive a fair price for their effort is like helping an athlete receive a gold medal.  Find out more.