Your Business for Sale in Arizona: What Makes Our State Unique

Arizona is one of the more vibrant, interesting and unique states in the United States and this uniqueness carries over to how business is conducted. Selling a business in Arizona is often a little different than selling in other states. In this article we will dive in and explore how having a business for sale in Arizona varies from doing business in other states.

Consider Your Paperwork

Your first major step when you have an Arizona business for sale is to make certain you have your legal “ducks in a row.” Any government offices that gave you licenses, permits or registrations should be contacted and informed regarding the sale. In short, these government offices should know that any licenses, permits or registrations are, in fact, being transferred. A failure to properly notice the relevant government agencies could lead to a variety of issues and even jeopardize a potential deal when you have a business for sale in Arizona.

Think about the Requirements

Having a business for sale in Arizona means paying attention to a variety of unique Arizona requirements. Sellers need to be aware that there are certain laws in Arizona that are unique, for example, anyone selling or leasing what is deemed a business opportunity that costs $500 or more must register with the State of Arizona. Failure to follow this rule can lead to serious consequences. Business owners are required to make written and oral disclosures and more.

In short, if you are selling a business, it is important to investigate the legal complexities of selling an Arizona based business and make certain that you are in compliance.

Get Supported with Help

The complexities involved with having an Arizona business for sale are such that opting for a local business broker in the state makes a tremendous amount of sense. An AZ business broker doesn’t just understand the ins and outs of selling a business in Arizona, but also understands the unique and often quickly changing legal rules and regulations. The time you invest working with a business broker will save you a great deal of confusion.

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