Top 2 Potential Buyers for Your Massage Therapy Business

For those looking to sell a massage therapy business, it is important to keep in mind that your ideal buyer will likely be in a similar field. Your target buyer is likely to appreciate what you’ve built. He or she will hope to easily step into your business and immediately enjoy a strong, if not dominant, position in the market.

Buyer 1: An Outside Massage Therapist

First on the list would be an outside massage therapist who needs to build a reputation and finds your location to be appealing.

Buyer 2: An Entrepreneur Interested in the Field

None of this is to state that your prospective buyers must be limited to the massage industry. The simple fact is that an entrepreneur who is interested in the massage industry and/or sees the potential for your business can also be an exceptional candidate.

What Does Your Business Have to Offer?

The various unique factors you’ve cultivated, such as your location and your equipment, are likely to play a key role in the decision making process of potential buyers. A nicely furnished space with high quality massage tables, sound system and other touches will likely go a long way.

Another key factor comes in the form of your client list and client contact information. Any prospective buyer of virtually any business will want access to a well-organized client list. Building a client base takes time, and that’s why it’s one of more appealing selling points you have to offer. Of course this means that you’ll want to organize your client list, complete with contact information, before you begin attempting to sell your business. Remember that your client list is a tangible asset. In the eyes of many massage therapy business buyers, it may be one of your top assets.

Other Factors to Consider

Finally, there are an array of other factors to consider as well, for example, will you stay on to help the new owner with the transition? Or will you introduce your clients to the new owner? These two important questions and many others will need to be discussed during the buying process. In fact, your willingness to assist with the transition period could be a key selling point and one that helps you seal the deal.

Business brokers are experts at what it takes to ensure a sale. Selling any business can be a complex process, but with an experienced business broker in your corner, you can expect success.

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