Why Use a Business Broker?

It is important for a business owner to enlist the services of a professional business broker because they can offer invaluable knowledge, in-depth insights on valuation, negotiations, marketing, prospecting, and many other critical aspects of commercial sales. Most have broad business experience prior to brokeraging that allows them to understand your business in order to help guide you in making your company more saleable. Their role as sale negotiators simplifies the process, allowing them to focus on the deal while you focus on your company.

Strategic Business Brokers Group understands the art of handling multiple qualified buyers and getting them to the table for a final sale. When numerous parties take interest in buying a single company, two great things take place. The seller has increased chances of getting fair market value and reaching better sale terms. Next, the risk is reduced of a sale falling through.

Brokers, as professional negotiators, know how to get around the many hindrances that could prevent the closing of a sale. They keep the deal on track, making certain that all parties meet the required deadlines, leading to a successful sale. Strategic Business Brokers Group will basically act as your quarterback and your cheerleader. They are the professionals who will assess your business, assess your needs as the owner, place top value on your company and tap into a wide array of professional resources and networks to give you the things that matter most when you sell your business, providing all the support you need during the transition.

When preserving confidentiality during the sale and marketing process is important to you, you can count on Strategic Business Brokers Group, the highest regarded business broker in Phoenix Arizona. Most sellers appreciate being able to control the timing of when and how employees, suppliers, competitors and customers find out about the sale and transfer.

Strategic Business Brokers Group’S highly professional staff will offer sound advice and insight into selling your business upon the first meeting. Their affiliations guarantee you that they will adhere to the highest level of professional standards. As a client, these networks allow Strategic Business Brokers Group’s business brokers to provide you with access to the largest number of qualified, potential buyers seeking businesses for sale in Phoenix Arizona. As you search for and interview prospective brokers, a few questions you should ask yourself about your decision to sell and letting someone else take care of the process are as follows:

How much is your time worth?
Business owners have a business to run. If they are consumed with meeting prospective buyers, answering questions and providing information, then the business may play second string and suffer. Buyers can be demanding and ignoring their requests may kill a possible sale, and reduce the purchase price. The services of a business broker will include dealing with the buyers requests, saving the business owner and seller a great deal of time.

How involved should you be?
Some business owners want to be involved in potential buyers’ visits to the business, and in every other detail of the process. Owners should realize that prospective buyers assume that the business will continue to run successfully throughout the sale and closing. Micromanaging the sales process takes time away from the business. The brokerage firm handles the details of the selling process and in keeping sellers informed every step of the way so the owner can efficiently run the business.

Are there any other decision makers?
As the owner and seller, you mustn’t forget if you have a silent partner, or if you sold some stock to family or friends in exchange for some needed operating capital during a crunch. These part-owners are sure to come out of the woodwork upon learning of the possible sale and could create tension and issues that can impede a sale if they aren’t advised ahead of time. If this might be a situation for you, your job up front is to gather approvals of any involved parties in writing prior to taking your business to market.

How important is confidentiality?
Confidentiality is difficult to maintain when the owner is contacting potential buyers directly. Business brokers are experienced in maintaining confidentiality while also successfully marketing the business on the market. Allow Strategic Business Brokers Group to handle these details so you don’t have to.

Reasons You Need a Broker:
◦To keep the sale confidential
◦To get the best price
◦Selling a business is a complex process
◦You need quality representation
◦Business owners do not have the time to devote to selling their own business

Reasons Strategic Business Brokers Group Will Be Your Best Friend:
◦They have a huge network of buyers
◦They are highly experienced in maintaining confidentiality
◦They create competition for your business by allowing multiple buyers to bid
◦They can be trusted to establish the right selling price
◦They take advantage of a worldwide network for advertising your sale
◦They are the selling experts, doing the selling work for you so you can focus on
your own area of expertise running your business
◦Their goal is to go above and beyond each client’s expectations

Strategic Business Brokers Group will focus on your industry to find the right buyer for your business. This means faster results for you. Their team is comprised of the most refined and proficient in the industry, having members who have owned businesses like yours and can relate to your individual needs. Their dedication, service and drive guarantees that if you are ready to sell your business, they are prepared to put it on the market.